Slučaj Windows Defender-a: Trijaža perfektnih bodova u AV-testu

Here's a strange thing: a case for a free, bundled software solution being better (in the metrics concerned and evaluated) than paid, third-party counterparts. We're writing of none other than Microsoft's own Windows Defender suite, which is bundled with Windows and offers a security solution integrated into your OS. While the 'paid is always better' philosophy has been proven wrong time and again and isn't that much of a powerhouse behind users' thought process anymore, the fact is that Windows Defender has somewhat been taken for granted as an 'undesirability' in users' computers. However, a comparison made by AV-Test, which pits many of the available cybersecurity solutions available on the market, has found Microsoft's Windows Defender to be worthy of a triad of perfect scores.

Rezultati za Windows Defender uključuju savršeni (6.0) bodova u kategorijama 'Zaštita', 'Performanse' i upotrebljivost. Razdoblje testiranja odnosi se na svibanj i lipanj ove godine, a samo F-Secure SAFE 17, Kaspersky Internet Security 19 i Norton Security 22.17 uspjeli su dobiti iste savršene rezultate kao Windows Defender Verzija 4.18. Pogledajte vezu za rezultat vašeg odabira za cyber-sigurnost po izboru. No jasno je da je Windows Defender barem malo što se ovog razdoblja tiče, obišao krugove oko nekih plaćenih rješenja.
Source: AV-Test