Broadcom će imenovati 11 direktora za izbore na godišnjem sastanku Qualcomm-a 2018

Broadcom Limited today announced that it has notified Qualcomm Incorporated of its intention to nominate a slate of 11 independent, highly qualified individuals for election to Qualcomm's Board of Directors and to propose certain other matters for the consideration of Qualcomm stockholders at Qualcomm's 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. Broadcom intends to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission a proxy statement, accompanied by a BLUE proxy card, in connection with Qualcomm's 2018 Annual Meeting. Qualcomm has announced that its 2018 Annual Meeting will be held on March 6, 2018.

6. studenoga 2017. Broadcom je predložio kupnju svih preostalih dionica Qualcomma za naknadu po dionici u iznosu od 70,00 USD u gotovini i stanju, što se sastojalo od 60,00 USD u gotovini i 10,00 USD u dionicama Broadcoma. Ponuda Broadcoma predstavlja 28% premije nad cijenama zatvaranja uobičajenih dionica Qualcomm-a 2. studenog 2017., posljednjeg netaknutog trgovačkog dana prije medijskih nagađanja o potencijalnoj transakciji, i premiju od 33% na Qualcomm-ov nepromijenjeni 30-dnevni danonoćni Prosječna cijena. Broadcomov prijedlog stoji je li Qualcommova čekljiva akvizicija NXP Semiconductors N.V. ('NXP') potrošena na osnovu trenutno objavljenih uvjeta od 110 USD po dionici NXP-a ili je okončana. Hock Tan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Broadcom, stated, 'We have heard from many Qualcomm stockholders who have expressed their desire for Qualcomm to engage with us. We also continue to receive positive feedback from customers and, having had initial meetings with certain relevant antitrust authorities, remain confident that any regulatory requirements necessary to complete a combination will be met in a timely manner. Although we are taking this step, it remains our strong preference to engage in a constructive dialogue with Qualcomm. We have repeatedly attempted to engage with Qualcomm, and despite stockholder and customer support for the transaction, Qualcomm has ignored those opportunities. The nominations give Qualcomm stockholders an opportunity to voice their disappointment with Qualcomm's directors and their refusal to engage in discussions with us. In light of the significant value our proposal provides for Qualcomm stockholders, we believe Qualcomm stockholders would be better served by new independent, highly qualified nominees who are committed to maximizing value and acting in the best interests of Qualcomm stockholders.'