Philips predstavlja 346B1C monitor usmjeren na produktivnost: 34 'VA, 3440 x 1440, zakrivljen 21: 9

Philips today introduced their latest productivity-geared monitor in the form of the 346B1C. The 34' panel is of the VA type, ensuring great viewing angles without any form of color degradation. The WQHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 means maximum resolution, which can be better put to use in the 21:9 curved format of the display, allowing you to seamlessly work across two different windows (like this news editor is doing right now, really). The 346B1C features a USB-C dock so that you can have a seamless workflow from your portable environment to the big screen. It also sports split-screen views and an integrated multi-client KVM switch, so two PCs can use the same monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Tu su i Adaptive-Sync (koji bi trebao dodati neke igračke odsječke na monitor), tehnologija bez treperenja i LowBlue Mode radi udobnosti. Stalak ima podršku za okretanje, nagib i visinu od 180 stupnjeva, a tu je i VESA podrška (iako se to daje u današnje vrijeme). Philips 346B1C bit će dostupan ovog studenog za 539 funti.
Source: ETeknix