Sapphire predstavlja TriXX s 'Fidži' kontrolom napona i HBM overclockingom

Sapphire announced its latest version of the TriXX overclocking utility, which it bundles with its graphics cards. Version 5.2.1 is one of the first pieces of software to support voltage control on AMD 'Fiji' GPU graphics cards (R9 Fury, R9 Fury X, and R9 Nano), and HBM overclocking. The utility comes with a new 'dashboard' themed user interface that gives you an analog readout of your card's main sensors - clocks, voltage, and temperatures; and a simpler layout. In addition, it also supports voltage control on other Radeon R9 300 series GPUs. PREUZIMANJE DATOTEKA: Sapphire TriXX 5.2.1