Vega II logotip zaštićen zaštitnim znakom AMD

AMD late November filed a trademark application with the USPTO for a new logo, for its second generation 'Vega' graphics architecture, built around the 7 nm silicon fabrication process. The logo looks similar to the original Vega 'V,' with two bands marking out the Roman numeral II (2). This logo could appear on the product and marketing on a series of new Radeon Pro and Radeon Instinct (and possibly even gaming-grade Radeon RX?) graphics cards based on AMD's new 'Vega 20' multi-chip module. This chip features a doubling in memory bandwidth thanks to its 4096-bit wide HBM2 interface, and the optical shrink of the GPU die to the 7 nm node could enable AMD to dial up engine clocks significantly.
Source: Justia Trademarks